Eminence Management, Inc. Hiring Goal-Oriented Professionals

​Eminence Management, Inc. leaders announced a hiring initiative in response to increased demand for the firm’s services. The President of the company discussed the power and benefits of setting goals.

“We are hiring! Our company is flourishing and we need more talented people to join us,” proclaimed Sean S., Eminence Management, Inc.’s President. “We’re looking for smart, sports-minded people with a student mentality. There is a lot of hands-on learning here, which prepares our associates for success in this or any other industry.”

Career-minded professionals will find positions at Eminence Management, Inc. to be both exciting and rewarding. It’s a company driven by values, and those with matching ideals soon learn that they can move through the ranks at whatever pace they desire. Every starting position with the company has a path to upper management, and promotions are based on merit – not seniority. Individuals interested in getting more information, or submitting their résumés online, should visit http://eminencemgmt.com/careers/.

"We are hiring! Our company is flourishing and we need more talented people to join us!"

Sean, President

How Goals Move Eminence Management, Inc. Associates Forward

There are many factors that contribute to the company’s success, but one of the most influential is that Sean sets operating goals for the firm. He knows that a business must do more than stay stable year after year. To maintain relevance and market share in an ever-changing global economy, Eminence Management, Inc. seeks continual growth – not just in traditional areas like revenue and profit, but also team growth, customer satisfaction, and the number of associates being promoted to leadership positions. If a process or outcome matters to Sean and the other team leaders, then there is a corresponding objective attached to it.

“Goals are important for keeping track of your path,” Sean shared. “If you’re not working toward an end, what are you working for? Our team likes to discuss goals together at least once a week. I firmly believe that’s why we’re such a strong unit.”

To ensure that Eminence Management, Inc. and its professionals maintain their forward momentum, Sean prioritizes goals that focus on continual learning. The company is, in his opinion, a reflection of the talented men and women who work there. When they thrive, so does the business. Team development goals include keeping up with the latest technology and industry trends, identifying challenge points or skill gaps and addressing them, and increasing levels of workplace engagement. 

“Helping our people hit their personal growth goals helps Eminence Management, Inc. flourish. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone,” concluded Sean.

About Eminence Management, Inc.:

Eminence Management, Inc. is known for the production of event-based sales campaigns that elicit measurable results. With detailed research and creative thinking, the firm captures public attention in new markets to earn long-term brand loyalty. The team has built a big name for themselves, spurring rapid growth throughout the country. To learn more, visit http://eminencemgmt.com.

Source: http://eminencemgmt.com.